Woman Accuses Traffic Officer Of Groping Her After Pulling Her Over. Photos

A mum has claimed she was groped by a traffic officer after stopping her at the roadside for ‘no reason’. Patricia Wilson, who filed a $100,000 (£72,000) law suit over the incident, was pulled over by officer Isaiah Lloyd while on her way to work as a cleaner in August 2017.

Footage of the incident, which occurred in Campbell County, Tennessee, shows Wilson being asked to exit her car as she’s questioned over suspected drug use.

Mum-of-two Wilson can be heard denying any drug accusations, as she claims: “No, I do no drugs, no nothing, swear to God.”

Despite her continual denial, Lloyd asks Wilson, wearing a pink top and small shorts, to place her hands on the bonnet of his truck.

He then feels her waistband for around 15 seconds, before asking her to shake the band of her bra – checking for hidden contraband.

Wilson is then made to undergo a series of tests at the roadside after admitting she occasionally uses Ambien as a sleeping aid.

Despite passing all checks, Wilson was pulled over for a second time just three hours later while returning home from work.

She was then accused of having over-tinted windows as well as being “all over the road”, as reported by WATE .

She claims officer Lloyd said ‘we have to stop meeting like this’, during the second stop.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Wilson claimed Lloyd was “using his authority as a law enforcement officer to sexually harass” the mum.

Despite the accusations and dashcam footage, the District Attorney (DA) for Campbell County cleared Lloyd of any criminal charges – although admitted his actions were “inconsistent” with officer training.

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