VIDEO: Nneka – Nothing

Nigerian-German singer-songwriter, Nneka, best known for her song “Heartbeat” (which Drake eventually sampled for Rita Ora’s “R.I.P“) is back with a new song and accompanying video titled ‘Nothing’.

The black and white clip follows a solemn-looking Nneka singing passionately in the rain, while the hauntingly beautiful vocals on the track showcase her impressive vocal range.

Speaking about the track, Nneka explained that “Nothing” is “about being hopeful regardless of what’s happening around your environment — there’s a lot of negativity in the world at present — this song is about endurance, perseverance and keeping yourself positive.”

Nneka’s vocals are raw, yet delicate and graceful, almost breaking under the weight of her emotion. The monochromatic visuals further arrest your attention, allowing the lyrics to take root and leave a lasting impression.

We’re not sure if this means an album is coming soon, or if she simply wanted to give us some musical healing.


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