step to input biss keys in any strong decoder

To activate Biss Key Menu on your decoder.
*Press 8280 quickly on your rc. A new screen will popup.

Note: if nothing comes up, you must first activate the biss key option by pressing 6969, you will be prompted to enter a password, Just press 6969 again. Now, press 8280 to enter the Biss Key Menu…..wait did someone say ‘Bisi Key Menu’? Hun, hun, na biscuit menu you for talk!

To insert a biss key,
First, be on to the channel in question and press 8280, You will see a series of numbers and alphabet. You’ll mostly needz to edit the first line.

Take a BISS key like this:
9E 37 79 4E B9 7F 4A 82 for T V 3 G h a n a

Be on TV3 Ghana, press 8280 and insert these codes side by side in the first line. Use the INFO key to insert alphabet. When you are done, press the EXIT botton and select YES to save the new settings.