Love and loyalty; two strong themes that form the foundation of any true and lasting love melt into one in this mid-tempo ballad “GBORIDURO” by singer, rapper REMINISCE.
REMINISCE, who himself has been with the identical woman for 13 years, pleads with his ladylove to live, to persevere, to stay with him through thick and skinny, to inform how smitten he’s by means of the item of his affection.
While taunting their detractors to “cross and make contact with police” Reminisce guarantees to do whatever it takes to make her glad, but admonishes that if she betrays him, she could have reason to remorse.
Gboriduro is the story of a man who isn’t always ashamed to expose off the girl who has proven dedication to him through the hard times, and teaches the listener that in love and in relationships #LoyaltyWins. The tune is produced by Camo.