Rapper, Eva Alordiah Bares Abs For Tomboy stimulated photo Shoot

Only a couple of days from dropping her debut album, rapper, Eva Alordiah has released new tom boy photos. Eva who’s going to be fashionable model and make-over artiste sometimes appears within the photos wearing a micro-crop top and shorts. She completes her tomboyish look with fitted ankle sneakers in a all-black ensemble. Styled by top Kenyan fashion enthusiast, Fawwie, Eva adorns an urban 2 piece jumper which again puts her navel on display exposing her impressive abs inside photo.

Eva wrote: ”For once in your own life, Be a Boy. A tomboy I mean. You cannot be a boy, completely. You can think being a man, but you’d still be a female, somehow. It’s the bleeping hormones.

But at least, be described as a boy. Discard your skirts and trade them for baggy pants and joggers, take off the hair, maybe not it all however enough till your biggest comb becomes useless with it. Don’t get acryllic extensions on your own nails, in case you determine to polish them use blacks as well as your darkest purples. Forget Lingeries as well as your silky sleep wear, buy some big shirts, or borrow a couple of out of your boyfriend. If you do not have a very boyfriend, send me a mail.

Ditch your high heeled shoes, only sneakers and flats would do for the moment.
And always, always, be certain that you get out with more impeccable Makeup on It’s the best feminine accessory you might have. If you do not discover how to get a makeup right, mail me

privateclass@makeupbyorsela.com I’d present you with one-on-one private makeup classes.For once inside your life, become a boy.
Because to become a boy, you should figure out how to be described as a better Girl. I just became a female again
My God! It has been an awesome experience. I am a more Sensual, Feminine, Elegant, but still ‘Fiesty personality.
Oh shoot! Does this mean all of the boys I had around my past boy-life are somewhat somehow somehow Bi?
Nne if the guy ever informs you he previously me, forget! I was the individual that had him. I’m indicating!’