Pole Stops Trailer From Crashing Into A Woman’s Shop In Delta State. Photos

Tragedy was averted yesterday being the 20th of January 2018 along old Sapele/Agbor road by Ogbeuku junction, Obiaruku in Delta state after a trailer was stopped by a pole from crashing into a woman’s shop. According to reports, the trailer which was loaded with crates of drinks worth about N9million – crashed close to a shop that has about ten apprentices and their madam who were going about their business.

An electric pole that was in front of the store was able to hold back the trailer and what would have been a massive tragedy was averted.

When the lucky woman was asked how it happened, she said the trailer was parked in front of her store and people were offloading the crates of drinks, when suddenly the trailer moved even when the driver was not on the steering, and it headed towards the store that had people were doing their business, but for God’s grace, the electric pole stopped it from wrecking havoc.

The woman who was in a jubilant mood after the incident, said she is short of words, but thanked God that no single life was lost and the goods were not destroyed, apart from the trailer that had little damages.

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