Mum Threatens To Jump Off Building With Daughter ‘After Discovering Husband’s Affair’

A distraught woman who had reportedly just found out her husband was cheating on her, threatened to jump off a building with her young daughter. The couple’s child was hysterically crying and telling her mother she “didn’t want to do it” as the pair stood perched on an air conditioning unit, outside their high-rise apartment.

The woman’s husband, who had been caught having an affair, was also filmed at ground level begging police and firefighters to save his family.

According to the Shanghaiist the woman could be heard loudly airing her grievances against her husband from her precarious perch.

She questioned why he was not at home and accusing him of living with his new girlfriend at the expense of his family.

The drama came to an incredible end when a policeman jumped from a nearby window and was able to push the mother and daughter back inside their home.

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