Man Arrested While Trying To Smuggle Cocaine In A Pair Of Fake Buttocks. Photos

A man was arrested at Lisbon Airport in Portugal after he was caught attempting to carry a kilo of cocaine off a plane in a pair of fake buttocks. The 32-year-old man had arrived on a flight from Belém do Pará, in northern Brazil.He had attempted to smuggle the drugs into the country by hiding them in the fake bum cheeks sewn inside ‘padded pants’ in his swimming shorts.

A second man, 40, was later arrested at Lisbon’s main train station, suspected of being the recipient of the drug.

Unknown to them, the men were being investigated by the National Anti-Narcotics Trafficking Unit and now face charges of drug trafficking.

The amount seized would have been enough to make 5,000 individual doses of cocaine, police said.

It follows another creative smuggling attempt uncovered by Spanish and Portuguese police last month.

Officer found 745 kilos of coke hidden inside fake pineapples at a Lisbon port.

The drugs were concealed in yellow wax beneath genuine fresh pineapple skins that had been transported from South America.

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