Lady Says She Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth To Baby. Photos

A teenage lady with a flat tummy was shocked to only realise she was pregnant when she went into labour and gave birth to a 7lb baby . According to MailOnline, Charlotte Thomson, who is now 21, of Newcastle upon Tyne, had no idea she was pregnant as she was having regular periods and could still squeeze into figure-hugging dresses.

She woke up in middle of the night with excruciating stomach pains and booked herself a taxi to hospital.

There doctors told a stunned Charlotte that she was in labour and she gave birth to daughter Molly, now two, three hours later.

Charlotte, a nursery nurse, said: “My stomach was completely flat, and I’d been having regular periods so it was such a shock when I found out.

“I didn’t believe that I was actually pregnant until I gave birth.

“It was scary becoming a first-time mum with no warning.

“But I wouldn’t change Molly for the world, and I feel so lucky.”

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