Lady Beaten To Pulp By Delivery Man After Failing To Bring Food On Time. Photo

A Chinese woman was seriously beaten up by a food delivery man. The incident happened on October 7 in Hainan province. The lady, known as Xiao He, ordered a takeaway meal just after 18:00 through the well-known food delivery app.

Chinese newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily reported that the restaurant was located only 10 minutes away from her flat in Haikou.

She presumed assumed it wouldn’t take too long. However, the young lady was kept waiting for hours.

She tried calling several times to find out about her order, but each time the delivery man was unconcerned and even insulting towards her.

A few hours later, at about 20:20, she went to pick up her food in person with the delivery guy saying that he would meet her outside the restaurant entrance.

Once there, he became upset after she asked his name.

Thinking that she would write a negative review about him online, the angry man started hitting her over the head with a heavy bike lock.

The restaurant owner quickly intervened and held back the irritated delivery man.

Luckily, the woman’s friends arrived shortly afterwards to take her to a nearby hospital.

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