Justin Timberlake over the moon about Oscar nomination

Chart topping Musician Justin Timberlake is overjoyed about his Oscar nomination.

His song can’t stop the feeling from the animated movie Trolls is up for best original song.

He revealed in an interview that his wife Jessica Biel in addition to numerous emails and texts informed him of the nomination.

He is honoured and grateful about this recognition.
I’m addition to the excitement, Justin said;

“I’m really humbled by the whole thing. I think most of all, I was excited the whole year that people responded to the song.
Now more than ever we need something that puts a kick in
someone’s step and unites us through a good feeling.
I think that is what I was always most happy about that it gives people a good feeling. For the academy me yo recognize this song? Wo. Yeah, I’m pinching mystery lf.”

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