Female Presenter ‘Shields Her Pants With A4 Sheets To Stop Upskirting Cameramen’

A female presenter, Emily Maitlis has to use sheets of A4 paper to shield herself from “upskirting” cameramen. The 47-year-old reporter said the camera creeps up on the set of BBC2’s flagship current affairs show and “you never know if they’re going to get your knickers”.

Emily, speaking to the BBC’s Fi Glover and Jane Garvey for their Radio 4 podcast, blamed a lack of desks on the open-plan set.

She said: “The hardest thing is sitting on a Newsnight chair because the camera, before you know it, has gone on the floor and it’s creeping, creeping up.

“It’s like those pap shots in the back of a cab where you never know if they’re going to get your knickers.

“And so you have to say, ‘Please, high, the camera’.

“Or else you start doing things with A4 paper where you spread it over your knees and you wrap A4 paper around your thighs.

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