Female Dentist Accused Of Groping A Colleague’s Boob And Bum. Pictured

A female dentist accused of groping a colleague’s boobs and bum has been ordered to work with a chaperone. Dr Aviva Riley allegedly assaulted the woman at her practice in Borough Green, near Sevenoaks, Kent. She was hauled before the General Dental Council where she was slapped with 12 conditions — including not being allowed to work on patients alone — for the next 18 months.

The 46-year-old, a partner at the Fourways Dental Practice, allegedly touched the woman’s breasts and backside in November 2016.

She is also accused of sexually assaulting another colleague who no longer works there.

At the GDC hearing in February, published this week, it was claimed that Riley was said to be “continuing to intimidate and harass” the female colleague. That is despite her facing a criminal trial over the sexual assault allegations.

Dr Riley, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, denies the “trumped up” claims, her lawyer Alan Jenkins said.

He added that physical contact between Riley and her accuser was in “the context of a discussion about bra sizes and was not sexually motivated”.

The GDC stated: “In relation to the protection of the public, an allegation of sexual assault of a colleague, of itself, may give rise to a potential risk to patients and other members of the public including work colleagues.

“The Committee notes that you have been charged with a serious offence by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and you are due to appear at the Crown Court in March 2018.

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