Convicted Murderers Post ‘Flexing’ Pictures From Prison, Boast About Their Lifestyle.

Three knife murderers mocked their victims on social media from prison by boasting about their lifestyle behind bars. The inmates identified as Sean Lynch, Joseph Chin and Tyrell Ellis are each serving a minimum of 12 years for their roles in fatal gang stabbings across London.

But police were last night investigating the trio over a stash of sickening online posts all sent from inside category C HMP Coldingley.

They included clips of them partying and smoking cannabis – while one even plugged a clothing line on Instagram.

Incredibly, it is the second time cocky Chin, has been caught using social media inside prison by The Sun in less than two years.

After an alarm was raised, the cons were stripped of their privileges and moved to different jails.

Last night the sister of Chin’s victim, 14-year-old Martin Dinnegan, told of her family’s “shock and disgust”.

Leanna, 17, blasted: “It doesn’t seem like he is being punished at all.

“He was supposed to be in prison as a punishment for what he did and gave his liberties taken away – but that hasn’t happened.

“He has access to the world’s biggest platform on social media. This is the second time we have had to find out he access to it.

The sister of Chin’s victim has blasted his posts on social media saying: ‘What punishment is he getting?’“The first time we could say it was a mistake but now it is just a joke.

“He’s got a phone and having parties – what punishment is he getting? I pity him really, he has clearly not learnt anything from what happened.”

Chin, 26, of Finsbury Park, North London, was jailed for a minimum of 12 years in 2008 for stabbing Martin Dinnegan, 14, to death in 2007.

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