Conjoined Twins Undergo Successful Surgery After 12 Hours Of Operation With 20 Doctors.

Doctors have successfully separated conjoined twin boys in a marathon surgery that lasted 12 hours and involved 20 doctors. Born on September 19 last year, Love and Prince Zalte, from Mumbai, were attached from the lower part of the chest and shared a liver, intestine, bladder and pelvis.

The surgery began at 4am on Tuesday and involved pediatric surgeons, anesthetists and orthopedic surgeons, among others doctors.

Seven of the hospital’s operating theatres were shut down so the team could fully focus on the surgery.

The twins are recovering in intensive care and are resting in separate beds for the first time in their lives. It is unclear when they will be home.

Their mother Sheetal Zalte, 26, who learnt about their condition 24 weeks into her pregnancy, said: ‘It is hard to express in words how happy I will be to hold my children in both my arms.’



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