Bovi Remembers Late Mother

Today, 25th of January 2017, mark a year the mother of Nigerian Comedian, Bovi passed on.

The funny man took to his Instagram page to write a heartfelt letter paying tribute to his late mother, Ugboma Margaret Uyoyou. Bovi wrote;

“Bovi o! It’s mummy o! She’s not
breathing o”! Those where the first
words that hit me when I picked up the phone call.
It was 7pm, January 25th 2016.
I was parked outside the palms,
patiently waiting for my movie time before making my way into the building.
But how was this possible? I spoke to her exactly an hour ago, and I
assured her I would check on her that same evening again.
Now a female voice driven by hysteria was telling me the worst with the only euphemism she could conjure.
I asked who else was there. She said uncle Eric.

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