Amber Rose Denies Mocking A Victim – ‘I’d Never Laugh At Someone That Was Molested’

Amber Rose has finally addressed the raging claims that she hung up on a victim of sexual abuse during a live Instagram chat earlier today.

The drama started after one of her
Instagram followers published a claim, alleging that the show host ended the call on a victim who needed to be encouraged.

Not long after, the story circulated. Folks took to social media to drag Amber, and many accused her of
being a fraud who organises the Slut Walk just for personal gains.

But the mum of one son has taken to her Instagram to narrate how it all happened.
According to Amber Rose, she was
having a live session with fans (her own friends were in the room too), but thing went awry when a giggling fan called in to say that she was molested when she
was only five, but at the same time, this lady was laughing with her friend in the background.

Presuming that the fan was only seeking to get a few minutes
of fame, Amber Rose ended call. And this led to the assumption that she dissed a sexual abuse victim.

“I’m not gonna deal with people that think its funny or they just want to get a little five minutes of fame on Instagram,” Amber says in her reply.
“It’s really fucked up because I give my
life to helping women, rape victims,
sexual assault victims and women that
have suffered from molestation.” The show host also clapped back at folks who have had unkind things to say
about her. “All of you so called
supporters of mine were never
supporters at all, if you were you
would’ve known better,” she said. She held nothing back.

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